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Embracing Cannabis

eight decades. was founded by Paul and Susan during the 2020 pandemic shut down. Throughout their marriage and as they were raising their kids, they were always dreaming of a time when they could start a cannabis business of their own, in a legal market. They’ve always believed a plan would come together when the moment was right… and sure enough: here they are, ready to make it happen! They’re empty nesters now and it felt like a natural time to actualize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Paul is a longtime cannabis enthusiast. In 2013, while working for a craft brewery which fully supported his personal use, he was finally able to express his love for the plant on a professional level. His voice regarding cannabis was therefore emboldened, and Paul quickly became ‘that guy’ at the work functions, carrying Susan’s tasty homemade edibles in a red cooler bag and freely sharing with fellow cannabis-friendly colleagues. Suffice it to say, those were certainly FUN times! Paul’s a daily cannabis consumer, utilizing it for chronic back pain, as a sleep aid, and in social settings as a mood booster.

Susan custom designed Paul’s now famous ‘Mr. Weedman’ costume for a party, and the rest, as they say, is history. Her cannabis experience is more common – consuming sporadically in her early 20s and 30’s, Susan began consuming again in her 40s and now absolutely loves cannabis, advocating for cannabis use every chance she gets.  She’s become a daily consumer, utilizing cannabis as a sleep aid, anxiety suppressant, and socially, especially at concerts and festivals.

Doing Our Part to “Stomp the Stigma” of Cannabis

We are committed to helping communities that have been historically impacted by unfair arrests and imprisonment for nonviolent cannabis offenses. Our label “83” LXXXIII, was established to give consumers a way to acknowledge this truth and publicly express the need for change. At check out our customers will have the option to contribute to the Last Prisoner Project through the “Roll It Up For Justice” program.

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