How to micro-dose cannabis for a subtle, efficient high.

Even as glossy magazines and wellness influencers have adopted cannabis (primarily CBD) as their new superfood snake oil, the taboo that still surrounds people who partake is as potent as an artisan blunt. The common perception of cannabis consumption has not budged in the seven years I have been writing about it—many automatically balk, thinking […]

Did you know that cannabis has a ‘Sensitization Period’?

If you’re just starting to experiment with cannabis, it’s important that you understand why you may not be getting high right off the bat. The first time people smoke weed is usually a weird experience. While some might get paranoid, giggly, or instantly stoned, there’s a large group of people who smoke weed and feel […]

The Weedman 420 Chronicles

Welcome to the Weedman 420 Chronicles An educational cannabis podcast for burners, by burners! Stomp the Stigma by learning about cannabis for both medical and recreational use. Let’s put the War on Drugs to sleep by learning the truth about a plant that is fascinating, useful, natural, and on its way to your living room…if […]

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